Brand DNA


Our Brand DNA course teaches you how to identify your brand assets to create a higher valuation and how to build a profitable and sustainable business model around your purpose.

The two-day programme is taught in person by Linzi Boyd and Darren Shirlaw supported by expert brand builders, to help you build out and activate your brand-led growth plan.

To do this we will help you:

Day 1
Find your brand assets for growth
• Define your vision for growth
• Identify what is the number that you’re building your business value for scale
• Understand how to grow your business from the top-down, brand-led as opposed to the bottom-up, sales-led
• Discover your industry gaps to be a market leader
• Identify the trends and patterns in your industry
• Understand how to make strategic brand choices
• Identify who you are talking to and who you need to talk to achieve your growth

Day 2
Align your purpose with profit
• Define what you want to be known for
• Combine your commercial business with your purpose to build a self- sustaining business model
• Uncover your business core asset to become an asset-led growth company
• Identify what core asset of your business will drive your valuation in the future.
• Outline what your business is today, tomorrow and in the future

Your hosts:

Sarah Skeats & Tim Dwyer

event hosts

Sarah is renowned for her experience in brand and marketing across a number of the world’s largest brands. Most recently as the Head of Brand at NAB.

Tim is a business growth specialist helping businesses strategically grow their assets, increase their business value, and hone and leverage their capabilities.

Together they teach entrepreneurs how to design, build and activate a business strategy based on the foundation of their core brand assets. This helps to build and empower businesses to positively impact their industries, and start to shift the world.

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Sun, 28 Jun 2020
Sarah Skeats & Tim Dwyer

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